Ancient Ports: The Geography of Connections

Uppsala Sudies in Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Civilizations No. 34

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Edited by: Kerstin Hoghammar, et al.
October 2016
Uppsala University
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789155496098
346 Pages, Illustrated
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This paper treats some of the international contacts of Kos mainly during the Hellenistic period. Six analytical groups based on inscriptions and coins form three separate webs that are investigated and compared. The first web consists of the Koan network of proxenoi as seen in the inscriptions, those for Koans in other places and Koan proxenoi for citizens of other states. The second type of web is based on the bronze coins, the foreign ones found on Kos and the Koan pieces found abroad. The third is composed of the states responding positively to the campaign of the Koanstate to obtain asylia for the Asklepieion and Panhellenic status for the Asklepios games, and the poleis appearing in the victors’ lists. Judging by this material, Kos was, in all three webs, a significant actor in the Greek world, not only in the immediate neighbourhood, but also in more distant areas.