Ancient Tales of Giants from Qumran & Turfan: Contexts, Traditions & Influences

Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament No. 360

Edited by: Matthew Goff, et al.
July 2016
Mohr Siebeck
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9783161545313
257 Pages
$177.50 Hardcover


While the Enochian Book of Guardian receives much attention in the science that finds giant bookof Qumran much less attention. This volume is the result of a conference in Munich in June 2014 dealing with giants in the Enochian tradition and especially in Qumran giant book employed. The articles deal with the theme of giants in various ancient contexts, including the Hebrew Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the ancient Mesopotamia. The authors focus their attention mainly on Manichaeism, especially on the Manichean giant book , its fragments were found in Turfan, in western China. They provide an important contribution to understanding the breadth of stories that told the Jews today in antiquity through the sons of guards who descended to the earth, and their lively nightlife in Manichaeism.