Annotated check list of the Pyraloidea (Lepidoptera) of America North of Mexico

ZooKeys No. 535

By: Brian Scholtens & MA Solis
December 2015
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789546427915
136 Pages, Illustrated
$69.50 Paper original


This is the first complete update to the check list of Pyraloidea in America north of Mexico in over thirty years.  We list 861 species of Crambidae and 681 species of Pyralidae for a total of 1542 species, an increase of 10% since the 1983 (MONA) list.  New species records are primarily of three types, 1) newly described species, 2) discoveries of southern species north of the southern United States border, and 3) introductions from Europe and Asia.  This list includes significant updates to the higher taxonomy of the Pyraloidea based on recent phylogenetic work.  The Thyrididae and Hyblaeidae are excluded from the superfamily and we recognize the Crambidae and Pyralidae as separate families.  We provide complete citations for all changes since the 1983 list.  This list will provide a comprehensive reference for systematists and other workers, and should encourage renewed work on groups still in need of revision.