Another Europe is Possible

The Spokesman No. 132

Edited by: Tony Simpson
October 2016
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9780851248578
106 Pages, Illustrated
$15.00 Paper original

Tony Simpson - Editorial
Stuart Holland - Beyond Austerity: Democratising Europe
DiEM25 Manifesto
Sergey Lavrov - Peaceful Means
Gregory Woods - Sergey Eisenstein
Anthony Lane - Einstein and Homintern
Abigail Parry - Good Morning, Captain
Alastair Crooke - Silver Bullets
Richard FalkDavid Krieger and Robert Laney - Political Responsibility
Margaretta D’Arcy - Ireland's Guantanamo Granny
Michael Mears - A Pacifist Not at War
Tony Simpson - Violence of the 'lambs'
Phil Johnstone and Andy Stirling -