Antike Christliche Apokryphen in Deutscher Ubersetzung, 2 Vol. set



Edited by: Christoph Markschies & Jens Schroter
February 2015
Mohr Siebeck
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9783161499517
1,468 Pages
$199.50 Paper original


"Apocrypha" are texts that either have the form of biblical texts which became canonical, tell stories about characters in the so called canonical biblical texts or convey the words spoken by these characters. The edition, established by Edgar Hennecke (1865-1951), which was continued by Wilhelm Schneemelcher (1914-2003), is now going to be published in a completely revised seventh edition with many new and formerly unpublished texts. Since it is difficult to isolate those texts among the Christian Apocrypha which refer to the - now canonical - New Testament, this work will include all Christian Apocrypha that were written until the eighth century. It is thus entitled "Ancient Christian Apocrypha in a German Translation" and will be published in three volumes.