Ars Edendi Lecture Series, Vol. 1

Edited by Erika Kihlman & Denis Searby
December 2011
Stockholm University Press
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.

ISBN: 9789186071707
130 pages

$52.50 Paper original

The Ars edendi Lectures are organized by the research programme of the same name based at Stockholm University and funded by the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation. Both the programme and the lectures focus on editorial method and theory as applied to dynamic textual traditions of medieval Latin and Greek works. For the Lecture Series, leading scholars are invited to share their expertise regarding textual criticism and the art of editing. In this volume, the first in a planned series of four, Nigel Wilson guides future editors to new challenges and indicates how their work will be markedly different on account of advances in related technologies. In Jan Ziokowski's lecture, new technology is also strongly present as he reflects on the future of the printed book and the work of critical editing in the digital age.

Technology of a more specific kind is treated by Timothy Janz, who accounts for a method under development to identify scribes with more certainty by their script alone. In the last two lectures here, the focus shifts from hard technology to a greater sensitivity in the editing of texts as regards both linguistic forms and aesthetics in the Middle Ages. Peter Stotz examines the first volume of the Corpus rhythmorum musicum, giving examples of where such a sensitivity can create more credible editions. Pascale Bourgain emphasizes the importance of a stylistic awareness on behalf of the editor and how the lack of it can distort the author's original sense.

Studia Latina Stockholmiensis LVI


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