Autonomous Contractile Activity in Bladder
as a New Concept in Neuro-Urology

A Study in Rat & Mouse

Acta Biomedica Lovaniensia, No. 394

By Thomas Gevaert                  
November 2007
Leuven University Press                                                        
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9789058676122                                                     
212 pages, Illustrated, 6 1/8 x 9 1/2"


Contents Include:

List of abbreviations

General introduction

Chapter 1: Autonomous activity in paraplegic rat bladders

Chapter 2: Autonomous activity in neonatal rat bladders

Chapter 3: A role for TRPV1 in autonomous bladder activity

Chapter 3a: Lasting effects of intravesical RTX on autonomous activity in rat bladder

Chapter 3b: Evidence for a pressure-sensing role for TRPV1 in rat bladder

Chapter 4: TRPV4 as a new urothelial receptor in bladder

Chapter 5: Topography and function of tyrosine kinase receptor kit in rat bladder

General discussion
Curriculum vitae
List of publications


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