Beshkov & Altmaier
Fragments of a Friendship 1934-1955

By Maria Ovcharova
September 2006
Bulgarian Bestseller
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ISBN: 9544630244
83 pages, Illustrated, 6¾ x 9½"
$69.50 Paper Original

In the spring of 1934, Jacob Altmaier, a German Jewish journalist, and Ilia Beshkov, a Bulgarian painter and cartoonist, met in Belgrade while exiled from their own countries during the Nazi regime. Maria Ovcharova documents the growth of the friendship between Beshkov and Altmaier while the dictatorships around them grow. Part of the communities of intellectual elites that resisted fascist aggression in Europe, Beshkov and Altmaier investigates the academic enmity between the institutions of which each are part in the wake of the mounting political aggression in western Europe.

Following the Tracks of a Jew Exiled from Nazi Germany
Upcoming Political Violence in Europe
Altmaier's First Letter to Beshkov
Altmaier's Destiny - Common Cause of Intellectuals from Belgrade and Sofia
Fall 1934: Altmaier in Belgrade Again
Ilia Beshkov's Mishaps in the Wake of the Coup of May 19th, 1934
Grief over Spain in Beshkov's and Altmaier's Hearts Engenders Deeds...
Paris 1939: Beshkov and Altmaier Reuinted for the Last Time
Divided Europe Estranged the Friends as Well...

Historical Biography

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