The Land of Treasures

By Atanas Orachev & Antoniy Handjiyski
September 2006
Borina Publishing House
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 954500164x
143 pages, Illustrated, color, 4 ½ x 6 ½"
$57.50 Hardcover

Home to the first European metallurgy and metal working, Bulgaria offers artistic artifacts of great historical import. Through these artifacts, we are given insight into ancient belief structures as well as the beginnings of European civilization. Through these Balkan treasures, a geneology tracing to Macedonia, Mysia, and, most noteably, Thrace. This text charts early European artistic movements, which is rooted in part in the Balkans and Thracian monuments.

In the Land of the Treasures
The Treasure of Valchitran
The Odryses' Royal Necropolis near Douvanlii
The Rogozen Treasure
The Treasure of Borovo
The Treasure of Loukovit
The Treasure of Letnitsa
The Treasure from Boukyovtsi
Mogilanska Mogila
The Rhyton from Rozovets
The Panagyurishte Treasure
The Applications from Mramor Mogila
A Suite for Horse Harness from Kralevo
Silver Suite from Ravnogor
The Yakimovo Treasure
Considerable Thracian Treasure found in Bulgarian Lands (6th to 3rd Centuries BC)

Art History

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