Carabid Beetles as Bioindicatators
Biogeographical, Ecological & Environmental Studies
ZooKeys No. 100

Edited By Johan Kotze, et al.
August 2011
Distributed By Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789546425904
573 pages, Illustrated
$375.00 Paper original

This book, dedicated to Konjev Desender and Jean-Pierre Maelfait, is made up of a collection of 30 papers presented at the XIVth European Caranidologist's Meeting in Westerbork, the Netherlands (September, 2009). Seventy-five specialists from 20 countries of Europe and Asia attended the meething. Traditionally, the proceedings volumes of the European Carabidologists Meeting have become important milestones outlining the latest trends and achievements in carabidology.

The aim of the organisers was to invite specialists from different countries and scientific schools to present both traditional and innovative approaches and methods in studying ground beetles. This volume includes a wide range of topics, from the description of new species, taxonomy, a summary of the activities of carabidologists during the last 40 years, biogeographical issues, methodology, behavious, indicators, enviornmental issues and conservation. The book will be of use to carabidologists, specialists in traditional and molecular systematics, general and applied ecology, conseration biology, bioindication, urban ecology and biogeography.

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