Catalogue of Coins From the Viking Age Found in Sweden
[In English & German]

Edited By Kenneth Jonsson, et al.
December 2010
Kungl. Vitterhets                                                                 
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In the first eight volumes of the CNS-series finds with 51.417 coins from the Viking Age have been published out of a total of c. 252.000. The ninth volume describes 6.280 coins found in the province of Blekinge. During the period c. 800-990 the coins are almost exclusively Islamic. From then on the coins are mainly German and English, as well as for example some Swedish from Olof Skötkonung and Anund Jakob, up to the youngest hoard, Johannishus, deposited after 1120. It is the largest preserved hoard from Sweden with German coins, 4.821, of which many are unique and previously never published.

The coins found in Blekinge are above all a result of trading contacts with coins from Spain in the west and all the way to Uzbekistan in the east. The coin finds can, as few other source materials, illustrate the international character of the Viking Age. They can also show other aspects, like how Blekinge gradually became part of the Danish kingdom.


Corpus Nummorum Saeculorum IX-XI

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