Sanctuaries & the Vestiges of Cult Activity
Papers from the Norwegian Institute at Athens, no. 6

Edited by Michael Wedde
January 2004
Norwegian Institute at Athens
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ISBN: 8291626235
303 pages, Illustrated, 6 7/8 x 9 5/8"
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In this compilation, scholars examine Bronze Age Minoan and Mycenaean sanctuaries. As the larger archaeological sites become exhausted, lesser sanctuaries are becoming increasingly valuable as resources for understanding classical Greek religious customs. The Tenth Anniversary Symposium of the Norwegian Institute at Athens chose sanctuaries and the vestiges of cult activity as its topic of exploration: this volume contains selected papers and discussions from the symposium, held 12-16 May 1999.

Traces of ritual in Middle Helladic funeral contexts including an
      assessment of geographical location - by Maria Hielte-Stavropoulou
Experiencing ritual: Shamanic elements in Minoan religion
      - by Christine Morris & Alan Peatfield
Mycenaean religious architecture: The archaeological evidence from Ayios
    Konstantinos, Methana - by Eleni Konsolaki-Yannopoulou
Some reflections on Mycenaean ritual - by Helène Whittaker von Hofsten
Re-evaluating Mycenaean sanctuaries - by Gabrielle Albers
On the road to the godhead: Aegean Bronze Age glyptic procession scenes - by Michael Wedde
The cult of Athena Alea at Tegea and its transformation over time - by Mary E. Voyatzis
Designs of ritual: The City Dyonysia of fifth-century Athens - by Don Handelman
The pilgrimage to Olympia. Settings and sentiments - by Synnøvve des Bouvrie
Sacrifice: Ritual murder or dinner party? - by Einar Thomassen
Symbolism in rites of transition in Iron Age Norway - by Siv Kristoffersen


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