Ceramics Industry of Roman Sikyon: A Technological Study

Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology & Literature PB 181


By: Conor P. Trainor
November 2015
Astroms Forlag
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ISBN: 9789170812033
125 Pages, Illsutrated
$99.50 Hardcover


Between the second century BC and the third century AD, the Greek city of Sikyon was home to a ceramics industry that specialized in the production of a range of coarseware, ceramics, especially transport amphoras. The rise of this industry appears to coincide with the Roman conquest of the region during the middle of the second century BC, a time when Sikyron was granted leases to Corinthian lands. Growing out of the Sikyon Survey Project, this study employs a multifacated approach, integrating ancient history, archaeology and compositional analysis of clays and ceramics to explore the Sikyonian ceramics industry. Oil, wine and perfume production are concidered. A key finding of this work is the presentation of a clear case for significant economic growth occuring after the Roman conquest of the Sikyon region.