Christian Art Icons from Melnik
& the Melnik Region, Bulgaria

Series Christian Art

By Georgi Gerov
August 2007
Distributed By Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789546422859
180 Pages, Illustrated, 9 1/4" x 13 1/4"
$110.00 Hardcover

There can hardly be a person who, after seeing the famous Melnik, wouldn't be fascinated by its unique beauty. The crossroad position of this small town in Southern Bulgaria turned it into a natural bridge between the South and the North on the Balkans, into a link between the different ethnoses and traditions.

The album describes a large group of icons from Melnik and Melnik region dated in the period 15th-19th centuries. The book consists of general introductory part enlighthing the history of the region and its Christian art. Then, icons are illustrated both as overall photos and each in several details which makes the book quite unique in its kind. Each icon is commented regarding contents (described also textually), history, scripts, origin and details.

All photographs are professionally taken and designed. The albom is excellently designed and printed. The book is addressed to specialists in Christian art, visitors of Melnik and anyone interested in Balkan history and art. The author, Georgi Gerov, is a well-known specialist in Christian art, currently Director of the "crypta" (museum collection of icons) of the Patriarh Cathedral St Alexander Nevski in Sofia.

Religion, History

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