Chronicle of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church
Volume 1. History & Personalities

By Boris Tsatsov
December 2010
National Museum of Bulgarian Books
Distributed By Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789544631246
580 pages, Illustrated
$250.00 Hardcover

When we reflect on these God-inspired words of the Psalm-writer Holy Prophet King David, which describe the transcience of human earthly life, we gratefully remember those who worked for out church and our people and formed the Bulgarian spirit through the centuries.

Today, when Bulgaria is a full-fleged Member State of the European Union, it is a privilege and spiritual gratification for us to recall that the centuries-long history of our country has always been connected to and shaped together with the history of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

Reading through this absorbing work, which has been diligently compiled by our church researcher Mr. Boris Tsotsov, the reader will find many images and events which occurred in the course of time, and will thus feel the ever-burning spiritual flame which guided ourforefathers through their lives and service.


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