Coleoptera of the Seychelles Islands (Faunistica)

Edited By Justin Gerlach
December 2009
Pensoft Publications
Distributed By Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789546424983
266 pages, Illustrated
$139.50 Paper Original

The Seychelles islands are biogeographically interesting, with ancient affinities to Africa and Asia, recent colonising species from the Indo-Pacific and modern introductions. Until recently relatively little has been known about the biodiversity of the islands.

This is changed by the series of monographs on the Seychelles fauna, presenting the latest information on all the terrestrial and freshwater animals of the islands. "The Coleoptera of the Seychelles islands" includes all 860 species of beetle recorded from the islands, presenting distribution records, descriptions of many species and assessments of their conservation status.

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