Emotional & Spiritual Growth Through
Experiencing God's Presence.
Includes MP3 Audio Disk.

By Efim Svirsky, Olga Birman (trans.)
October 2004
Urim Publications
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9789657227039
368 pages, Illustrated
$35.00 Paper Original

Efim Svirsky, Educational Director of the Russian Program of Aish HaTorah (an international Jewish outreach/educational organization) is an acclaimed worldwife lecturer and teacher on topics such as Jewish philosophy and Torah and psychology. Efim has also touched the lives of hundreds of thousands through a weekly radio show broadcast to more than one million Russian Jews in Israeland Russia. In addition, he is known from is numerous television appearances in Israel and Russia, and from his feature pages in a popular newspaper. A highly successful therapist, his journey into the subconscious mind led him to realize the importance of the spiritual dimension in healing emotional blocks. Efim lives with his wife and five children in the Old City of Jerusalem.

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