Consider Me Lucky
Childhood & Youth During the Holocaust in Zborow

By Sabina Schweid
September 2011
Yad Vashem Jerusalem
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9789653083899
303 pages, Illustrated
$24.00 Paper original

Sabina Schweid grew up during the war in Zborow, in occupied Eastern Galicia. Born into a loving, warm family, she had a very happy childhood. But when the Germans marched into town in July 1941, it all came to an end. Sabrina's father was appointed chairman of the Judenrat in Zborow, and the young girl witnessed his painful difficulties as the Jews of the community were liquidated.

Sabina took refuge in a hiding place prepared by a non-Jewish friend of the family, and spent her time far from her loved ones. She was alone with the problems she faced in growing and maturing into a woman. She moved from one hiding place to another, living under a false identity, but the key to her survival was her own initiative and energy.

When the war was over, she was reuinted with her mother. She joined a Zionist youth movement and came to Israel, completed her education, and fought in the War of Independence. She married and was once again able to create a warm, loving family.


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