Contributions to the Systema Dipterorum (Insecta: Diptera)

Edited by I. Brake & F.C. Thompson
December 2011
Pensoft Publishers
Distributed by

ISBN: 9789546425997
564 pages

$187.50 Hardcover

Where does this species occur? Where can I find information on the biology? And what is the correct name to use?

“Contributions to the Systema Dipterorum (Insecta: Diptera)” answers these and other questions for eleven families of flies. This latest volume of the MYIA series contains comprehensive world catalogs for the Carnidae, Coelopidae, Diastatidae, Dryomyzidae, Helcomyzidae, Heterocheilidae, Odiniidae and Periscelididae, as well as catalogs for Xylomyidae and Xylophagidae and a supplement for the world catalog of Stratiomyidae. Altogether the nomenclature and taxonomy of more than 650 species has been studied by several specialists all of whom are leading figures in the field of dipterology. All chapters relate to the Biosystematic Database of World Diptera, now called Systema Dipterorum, which is a database on fly names available online at But whereas the database contains nomenclatural data, these comprehensive catalogs cite all the literature published on the included species with keywords and are thus invaluable reference works for these fly families.

Two chapters focus on the important dipterists Friedrich Hendel (1874-1936) and Ferdinand Kowarz (1838-1914) who were active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and who described and collected many species.

The last two chapters list the abbreviations for type holdings and serials used in the Systema Dipterorum and are helpful tools when working with the database.


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