Corporate Management Styles
Case Study of Malasian Companies

By N.A. Mazela
July 2000
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ISBN: 9789679788976
373 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2"
$47.50 Paper Original

Malaysian firms are fast evolving into diversified corporations as a result of rapid development in the manufacturing sector. In the process, these corporations are facing myriad strategic problems which are linked to the role of the corporate centre in managing its subsidiaries.

Focusing on the multiple aspects of managing a diversified corporation and exploring the different facets that contribute to business success, this book discusses at length various corporate management styles, its capability to define accurately the environment it is operating in, and the effective utilization of personnel in strategic positions.

Topics such as strategic planning, strategic programming, strategic control, strategic venturing, financial control, holding company and conglomerate are given extensive attention. The author also pays special attention to the importance of the environment and administrative mechanisms within the corporation which are part and parcel of successful corporate management.

Corporate Management

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