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Cultural Interface of India with Southeast Asia

By Prem S. Choudhary
March 2009
MD Publications
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9788175331693
346 pages
$82.50 Hardcover

there are 11 countries that make the Souteast Asian region. The History of Southeast Asia has been characterized as interaction between regional players and foregin powers. Though 11 countries currently make up the region, the history of each country is intertwined with all the others. Southeast Asia is a diverse region. There are many ethnic groups in this part of the world.

Similarly different religions are also practiced here. Buddhism, Islam and Christianity are the state religions for different countries. India has maintained cordial relations with these countries. This book takes India and each country of this region as a separate chapter in which some main topics like history, geography, economy, culture and tradition etc. of the country have been given elaborately. India's relations with ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) have also been discussed.

This book tries to give a glimpse of Southeast Asian countries and we expect that readers will find this book very useful in understanding this part of the world and its relations with India.


Sociology; Politics

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