Current Issues in Port Logistics & Intermodality

Edited by Theo Notteboom
June 2002
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ISBN: 9044112902
154 pages, Illustrated, 6 ¾ x 9 ½"
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Seaports find themselves embedded in ever-changing and world-embracing logistics chains and networks. Structural changes in logistics and the increasing importance of containerization and intermodality continuously challenge port managers and policy makers. The logistics environment leaves port managers puzzled with the question how ro respond effectively to market dynamics.

This book consists of a set of papers prepared by Belgian and Polish academics on issues related to port logistics and intermodality. It not only examines the role of port logistics and intermodal transport from a conceptual point of view, but also explores how market players, port managers and policy makers, particularly in Belgium and Poland, are dealing with new challenges in this field. This book builds on the authors' long history of research in port and transport economics and on earlier joint publications in the same field.

Introduction by the Editor
Port Rivalry and the Distribution of Economic Rent in a Logistic-Restructured Environment
Restructuring and Logistics Services as a Condition to Improve
      the Competitiveness of a Company, Exemplified by the Port of Gdynia
Port Competition and Generalised Costs:
      Considerations on the Impact of Capacity (Utilisation) and Productivity
The Influence of Multimodal Transport upon Activation of Polish Seaports
ICT as a Means to Improve the Logistic Performance of the Inland Navigation Sector
Logistic Centres of Distribution in Seaports and in the Hinterland
Location Analysis for Belgian Intermodal Terminals:
      A Tool for Achieving Sustainable Intermodal Transport in Belgium
Creating Logistic Centres in the Seaport Regions of Gdansk and Szczecin
Inland Container Shipping in North Europe: Spatial and Organisational Trends

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