Decline of Buddhism in India: A Fresh Perspective
A Comparative Study of Civilizations

By K.T.S. Sarao
February 2012
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.

ISBN: 9788121512411
327 pages

$59.50 Hardcover

It is almost impossible to provide a continuous account of the near disappearance of Buddhism from the plains of India. This is primarily so because of the dearth of archaeological material and the stunning silence of the indigenous literature on this subject. Interestingly, the subject itself has remained one of the most neglected topics in the history of India. In this book apart from the history of the decline of Buddhism in India, various issues relating to this decline have been critically examined.

Follow this methodology, an attempt has been made at a region-wise survey of the decline in Sind, Kashmir, northwestern India, central India, the Deccan, western India, Bengal, Orissa, and Assam, followed by a detailed analysis of the different hypotheses that propose to explain this decline. This is followed by author's proposed model of decline of Buddhism in India.


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