Der Anfang der Reformation
[In German]
Spatmitteralter, Humanismus, Reformation No. 67


By Thomas Kaufman
September 2012
Mohr Siebeck
Distributed By Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9783161507717                             
694 pages
$277.50 Hardcover

The discussions about the continuities and breaks between the late Middle Ages and the Reformation period necessary to clarify the position of the Reformation historiography. In the center of each study of this book, the question of the "beginning" of the Reformation stands as a complex event in itself. It turns out that the literary agents of the reform movement, led by Luther constructed, traditions in which they legitimized their concerns and plausiblisierten. An "early" days of the Reformation are also certain constructions of pre-Reformation tradition heretical history, the Bible and the use of policy reform and theoretical literature of the 15th Century. 

Another focus in Thomas Kaufmann's study focuses on the communication dynamics that have the Reformation using "new media" worn on the field of academic discussion to a wider audience. Teacher education and identity designs that represent the inner connection and the dissociation of the Reformation movement, are another focus. The author not really about making, Luther and the different responses that were given to him to relate to each other. This is mainly shown on texts and topics of the early 1520s.

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