Die Grundschrift des Ezechielbuches
und ihre Botschaft


Forschungen zum Alten Testament 2.No.81

By: Yoo Hong Min
December 2015
Mohr Siebeck
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9783161538582
412 Pages
$157.50 Paper original


Yoo Hong Min presents a new model for the origin of the book of Ezekiel in this book. The author analyzes the paper composition critically and reconstruct a basic font of the prophetic book. The literary edits are highlighted, embed those editorial elements and cross references the book of Ezekiel, the single units of text in a unified narrative context. In this way, the composition of the base font strategy is determined. Based on these results, the author determines the scope and structure of the base font. 

The basic font was probably written in Babylon in exile and was addressed to the Israelites in the diaspora in the countries of the Near East. They aimed at overcoming the religious and cultural crisis of YHWH-belief that has been caused by the collapse of Judah and the exile. At the same time they sought to lay the foundations for hope for a new future of Israel under its God YHWH. The reasoning of the base font is determined by a new theological understanding of history. The existential crisis of Israel in the history of salvation of YHWH seen as a necessary part of Israel. YHWH proves in court at Israel as an educator, whose court action seeks to persuade the rebel forces of YHWH Israelites to repentance and to leave so are the true people of God.