Distibution & Ecological Preferences
of European Freshwater Organisms
Vol.3. Ephemeroptera

By Andrea Buffagni, et al.
December 2009
ISBN: 9789546425089
254 pages
$99.50 Paper Original

This book series provides comprehensive information on the distribution and ecological preferences of European freshwater organisms. The third volume summarizes current knowledge on European mayflies (Ephemeroptera), based on the evaluation of over 1,400 literature references. The distribution within the European ecoregions is given for 344 European Ephemeroptera species and subspecies, categorized into 50 genera and 18 families.

A wide variety of ecological preferences is presented as numerical codes, including feeding types, habitat and current preferences, temperature and altitude preferences, life span, flight periods, and overall species rarity. This compilation provides a unique tool for the analysis of freshwater biota, both for basic and applied purposes such as ecosystem monitoring and the implementation of European directives in the field of environmental protection.

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