Early Modern Monarchism in Mughal India

Includes Bibliographical Survey

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By: Osamu Kondo
April 2014
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9788121512763
327 Pages, Illustrated
$79.50 Hardcover


The scope of examination in this volume extends beyond early modern monarchism as an independent topic of study; it also covers religion, culture, commerce, industry, and foreign trade under the reign of early modern monarchs, and focuses on their relevance to Mughal Indian monarchism. In the hope that it may serve as a useful reference for readers, at the end of this volume, two appendices are included: an abridged look at feudalism in India, and an overview of sources and materials related to the history of Mughal India.



Chapter I. Geographical Image of India at the Time of Akbar

Chapter II. Abu'l-Fazl's Conception of Kingship

Chapter III. Diplomatics under Akbar with Special Reference to Mughal Royal Edicts

Chapter IV. Religion and Culture in Mughal India

Chapter V. A Wealthy Jain Merchant of Ahmadabad and the Mughal Authorities

Chapter VI. Commerce and Industry in Mughal India, with Special Reference to Gujarat

Chapter VII. Japan and the Indian Ocean at the Time of the Mughal Empire

Appendix I. The Feudal Social Formation in Indian History

Appendix II, A Bibliographical Survey of Source Materials for Mughal Indian History