E-Business Essentials

By Rajat Chatterjee
June 2010
Global India Publications
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789380228679
306 pages
$29.50 Paper original

This book take you through the relationships your company can have with other companies (B2B, E-Purchasing, E-Procurement, And Vortals), with its customers (B2B, CRM, And E-Talking), and with its employees (B2B, Corporate Portals, access, and infrastructure).

As we go through these topics you will learn about leading corporations and suppliers in each area and what their products can do for you. We always talk about alternatives and decisions. Because we understand the technical side of the systems, we understand that you cant build a house without a foundation. this book takes you through the infrastructures you need to support E-Business.


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