Analysing Efforts to Generate Local Dynamism in the City of Tempere

Edited by Antti Kasvio & Ari-Veikko Anttiroiko
December 2005
University of Tampere Press
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9514464494
663 pages, 5 ¾ x 8"
$157.50 Paper Original


Tampere is a Finnish city with a powerful industrial past. Like many other cities around the world, Tampere has been struggling to keep up with the changing demands of globalisation. Recently, special efforts have been made to shape Tampere into a high-performing informational city. This volume provides insights into the overall dynamics of local development strategies as well as concrete aspects and stages in the development of Tampere. Current challenges and possible future directions for the city are also discussed.

The chapters in the book represent various viewpoints on local development, including history, knowledge economy, democratic e-governance, e-education, e-health, culture and e-inclusion. In addition, some of the articles provide international comparisons with other regions in similar situations.

Contributions from both local and international experts are included. Due to its multidisciplinary approach, this book can be used for teaching in several fields. As a comprehensive analysis of an informational city, this book is useful for academics and practitioners who are looking for solutions to local development in a global age.

Part 1. Introduction
Informational Cities & Global Restructuring

Part 2. Innovative Regions
The Informational City in a Global Perspective
Benchmarking International Best Practices in High Performing Clusters
Regional Competitiveness: A Comparative Study on Eight European Regions
Nokia Corporation and the New Economy in Tampere

Part 3. Historical Perspective
History of Tampere: The Very Long Road to Informational City
The Foundation of an Information City: Education and Culture in the Development of Tampere

Part 4. Knowledge Economy
Organising for Futures in the City-Region of Tampere: Network Management and the Enabling Development Model
Knowledge Institutions in the Local Innovation Environment: Case Digital Media Agglomeration in Tampere
Striving for Innovations and Global Success: The Case of eAccelerator
Search for New Business Models and Solutions: Case eBRF (2001-2005)

Part 5. Democratic Governance
Regime Stability and Restructuration: From Industrial to Informational City
Democratising e-Governance in the City of Tampere
Preconditions of Democratic e-Governance: A Critical Approach
Learning Together: Developing Civic Webs as an Innovation Experiment

Part 6. Services and the Well-Being of Citizens
e-Learning in the City of Tampere
Visions of e-Health in Tampere
Social Uses of Information and Communication Technologies
Challenges to e-Inclusion in a High-Tech City
Mobile Youth in the Information Society: New Media as Symbols of the Individual and the Community

Part 7. Future Directions
The Future of International Business in the Tampere Region
What Information Society?

Part 8. Conclusion
Moving Forward from the Present Experiences

Economic Development

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