Egalitarian Liberalism Revisited: On the Meaning of Justification of Social Justice

Uppsala Studies in Social Ethics No. 46

Edited by: Per Sunderman
August 2016
Uppsala University
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789155495886
242 Pages
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Though most persons think that furthering social justice is right, perhaps even obligatory, many disagree about what social justice means. This book provides reasons for thinking that social justice ought to be interpreted as a triune conjunction of desert, equality of opportunity and self-ownership. These are the alleged cornerstones of ehalitarian liberalism. Contrary to common assumptions it is shown that the seemingly non-comparative elements of desert and self-ownership reinforces rather than contradict a robust conception of equality of opportunity. Furthermore it is shown that ending misrecognition as well as redistributing important goods can serve the same end of creating a more just society.