Emerging Trends in Web Computing

By Vijay Kumar Gupta
January 2011
MD Publicatoins
Distributed By Coronet Books
ISBN: 9788175333338
306 pages
$77.50 Hardcover

 Web computing can be defined as a special kind of distributed computing that involves internet-based collaboration of several remotely located applications. Contrary to the "claassical" distributed components that are static and rely upon a fixed hardware configuration within a local area network, a new approach advocates existence of dynamic functionalities that can be easily migrated and executed on any machine connected to the Web.

The new style of computing requires a uniform run-time environment, broadband connections and flexible software structures. In this book,, an approach to provide a World Wide Based framework for the distributed execution of various programs is presented. The purpose of this bok is to provide basic and essential knowledge of Web computing. This book will prove a valuable resource for scholars, researchers, academicians and students.



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