Europe Needs Saving
Defusing the Pensions Timebomb

Edited by Terrence O'Dwyer
December 2006
Stockholm Network
Distributed By Coronet Books
ISBN: 0954766377
ISBN 13: 9780954766375     
98 pages, 5 x 7 3/4"
$27.50  Paper Original

Europe is facing a demographic time bomb: by 2050, there will be two workers to every retired person in most European countries. In some countries, that ratio will be 1:1. The harsh reality is that current pay-as-you-go pension systems are quite simply financially, economically and socially unsustainable - without reform, pensioners will bankrupt the welfare state. In this book, several internationally renowned experts on pensions attempt to answer some of the most difficult questions facing us today.

Should pay-as-you-go systems be tweaked only slightly? Is there a role for the market in providing pensions? If so, how extensive should that role be? What are the benefits to the citizen? - and to the government? What can be learned from countries that have already reformed? Is the Chilean model suitable for the ailing systems in Europe? Or is the Swedish approach to reform more appropriate? It is time to discuss the pensions time bomb. With not a moment to lost, thsi book offers Europe the tools for doing so.

Political Science

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