Foundation monograph of Convolvulus
L. (Convolvulaceae)

PhotoKeys No. 51

By: John Wood, Robert Scotland, et al.
December 2015
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789546427809
282 Pages, Illustrated
$120.00 Paper original

This “foundation monograph” of the genus Convolvulus represents a new initiative in terms of taxonomic monography, being an attempt to bring together the global approach of the traditional monograph with the more pragmatic and identification-focussed aims of most current floras, at the same time being informed by insights from molecular systematics. Convolvulus is distributed worldwide but is most common in regions with a Mediterranean climate or in semi-desert regions of the Middle East and Central Asia. Some species are well-known weeds whereas others are important in the ecology of drier regions or are cultivated in gardens. One hundred and ninety species are recognised and all are described and the majority illustrated. Efforts have been made to account for the extreme variability of several widely distributed species. Distribution details, keys to species and taxonomic notes are provided. Four species are described as new, several are reinstated and the status of various infra-specific taxa is clarified while numerous taxa are lectotypified.