From Poor Migrant to Millionaire
Chan Wing 1873-1947

Author Chan King Nui
March 2010
Pelanduk Publications
ISBN: 9789679789669
157 pages, Illustrated
$25.00 Paper Original

This book is about life which spanned the Inter-War years - of a childhood in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, a disciplined life under a strict, stern and conservative man with very Confucianist ideas who was also surprisingly progressive where education was concerned.

Her reminisicences have vivid details of her home in Hong Kong and her sister's marriage in the 1920s; New Year celebrations in the Big House in Kuala Lumpur and the family's flight to India when the Japanese invaded Malaya and Singapore.

From Poor Migrant to Millionaire, with its details of a past long gone, with its bullock carts and horse carriages, should prove interesting in a modern Malaysia of high rise buildings, LRT, electric trains, overpasses and underpasses and traffic congestion.

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