Gender & Digital Economy
Perspectives from the Developing World

By A.K. Singh
September 2011
MD Publications
Distributed by
ISBN: 9788175333451
263 pages
$35.00 Paper original


Much of the discussion about new technologies and social equality has focused on the oversimplified notion of a digital divide. Technology and Social Inclusion moves beyond the limited view of haves and have-nots to analyze the different forms of access to information and communication technologies. Drawing on theory from political science, economics, sociology, psychology, communications, education, and linguistics, the book examines the ways in which differing access to technology contributes to social and economic stratification or inclusion.

A central premise is that, in today s society, the ability to access, adapt, and create knowledge using information and communication technologies is critical to social inclusion. This focus on social inclusion shifts the discussion of the digital divide from gaps to be overcome by providing equipment to social development challenges to be addressed through the effective integration of technology into communities, institutions, and societies.


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