Generic Revision & Species Classification of the
Microdontinae (Diptera, Syrphidae)

ZooKeys No. 288


By Menno Reemer & Gunilla Stahls
August 2013
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ISBN: 9789546426802                         
213 pages, Illustrated
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Hoverflies of the subfamily Microdontinae have a reputation for causing confusion. The adult flies differ so much from other hoverflies that according to some they should be placed in a family of their own. Their diversity in shape and size is astonishing: from large, furry-haired species and convincing wasp-mimics to tiny, unsightly creatures, easily mistaken for something uninteresting. 
This paper introduces a new generic classification of the Microdontinae.

A key to all 43 genera, 7 subgenera and some species groups is presented. All 552 available species names are classified into (sub)genera and species groups. The resulting classification comprises 454 valid species and 98 synonyms, of which 17 valid names and three synonyms are left unplaced. A total number of 26 new species are described, 267 new combinations of species and genera are proposed. The paper concludes with a discussion on diagnostic characters of Microdontinae.

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