Genealogy of Governing Economic Behaviour
Small-Scale Credit in Malawi 1930-2010
Studies in Economic History No. 97

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By Johanna Varlander
February 2014
Uppsala University
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ISBN: 9789155487409
290 Pages
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In the 1930s credit cooperatives were introduced in the British protectorate Nyasaland in order to teach the members thriftiness. Since then a variety of small-scale credit schemes have been in operation in Malawi. Despite the variety in design, all forms have had the aim of improving the standard of living for their memebers and of increasing productivity in the economy. In this study the focus is on the governing of members' and borrowers' economic behaviour in order to reach the aim of improved living standards. The Foucauldian theoretical idea of governmentality is used in the analysis of the governing of economic behaviour.