Genus Pterostichus in China II: The Subgenus Circinatus Sciaky, a Species Revision and Phylogeny (Carabidae, Pterostichini)

ZooKeys No. 536

By: H. Shi & H. Liang
December 2015
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789546427939
92 Pages, Illustrated
$59.50 Paper original

Species diversity of Chinese carabid genus Pterostichus was poorly investigated and greatly underestimated before.Circinatus, one of subgenera in Pterostichus, was once believed well studied, with 11 previously known species, but up to now, we have discovered 11 more species and one subspecies. In this monograph, detailed description and illustration for each taxon of Circinatus are provided, and species relationships are discussed with phylogenetic methods. Endophallic characters are emphasized in species distinguishing and systematics analysizing for this subgenus. High-resolution endophallic illustrations for most known species are provided. The monograph also gives a useful key to aid species determination. More species are expected to be discovered in the near future, considering rich species diversity of Chinese Pterostichus.