Gericht bei Lukas


Wissenschafliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 2.No.401

Gericht bei Lukas

By: Jens Gillner
May 2016
Mohr Siebeck
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9783161541384
387 Pages
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Taking the Gospel of Luke in the view, first lights on the great healing perspective that opened the third Evangelist especially in the first two chapters of his gospel. That however also the judgment of God plays a significant role in Lukas, Jens Gillner demonstrate in the present study. Within the New Testament research the relevant texts have indeed already taken separately, are in inspection; to consider the question of an ordeal than a mainly soteriology Luke participative motive, but made for the first time here. The author presents his individual studies three key questions ahead: How Luke brings the judgment of God for the language? What goal he pursues with his speech of God's judgment?