Global Perspectives on Re-Entry

Exploring the Challenges Facing Ex-Prisoners

Edited by Ikponwosa O.Ekunwe & Richard Jones
April 2011
Tampere University Press
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789514483493
477 pages
$87.50 Paper Original

Global Perspectives on Re-Entry explores the challenges facing ex-prisoners as they attempt to return to society after serving time in prison. The problem of re-entry is of growing interest to academics, correctional professionals and policy makers who are concerned with high rates of incarceration and the increase in the numbers of prisoners caught up in the revolving door of criminal justice.

This book is the first attempt to explore the problem of re-entry from an international perspective. The focus of this book is on strategies utilized in various parts of the Western world that shed light on the struggles facing ex-prisoners upon re-entry, as well as on the way different countries have attempted to solve these problems. The book seeks to address the important set of issues involved by bringing together the best of recent research and ideas on the subject of desistance from crime around the world, with a distinct focus on how research might impact upon the implementation of ex-offender reintegration policies.

The book is divided into two sections. The chapters in the first part, Societal/ Institutional Perspective, consider the societal and institutional issues in different countries. The chapters in the second part of the book, Perspective of the Ex-Offender, present various viewpoints of experts with first-hand accounts of the re-entry experiences of ex-convicts.

Ekunwe, 0. Ikponwosa is at the School of Management/Politics, University of Tampere, Finland. He is an Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Research Fellow.
Jones, S. Richard is an Associate Professor of Sociology at the Department of Social and Cultural Sciences, Marquette University, Wisconsin, USA. He is the author of the book Doing Time: Prison Experience and Identity (with Thomas Schmid).


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