Global Warming
Myth or Reality?

By Aluri J.S. Raju
December 2008
MD Publications PVT
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9788175331433
197 pages, Illustrated
$59.50 Hardcover

The book covers different aspects relating to greenhouse effect, global warming, climate change, ozone layer and the solutions for reversing the effects of greenhouses gas emissions. In recent times, at global level, there is alot of concern about the excessive use of energy resources and the environmental problems arising out of it.

Keeping in view the present situation of environmental problems due to greenhouse gas emissions,an attempt is made to focus on these issues in order to make all the readers to understand our present state of lifestyles and to make them realize to take remedial measures by changing our life styles as far as possible in the cause of reducing the effects of global warming and climate change.

This book is important for all students, researchers and teachers of biology and environmental sciences subjects at various levels to understand the subject content and take possibles corrective measures for restoring the environment to livable level. A number of innovative ideas have been incorporated into the subject and these ideas need special attention in view of the rapid consumption of energy resources without any thought for their sustainability to sustain humanity.

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