Governing the Military

Professional Autonomy in the Chinese People's Liberation Army


By: Sofia Knochel Ledberg
October 2014
Uppsala University
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ISBN: 9789155488802
245 Pages
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The reform process that has been underway in China for the past 30 years has affected most parts of Chinese society. In regard to core branches of the civilian state administration, public administration research provides evidence of far-reaching decentralization, marketization, and a relaxation of direct political control within many policy areas. Despite the fact that the military in any Marxist-Leninist state is an indispensable part of the state administration. In this dissertation, it is argued that the military is intrinsically linked to the overall political stability of the Chinese state not only because it constitutes one of the most central branches of the Chinese cadre administration, but also given its close connection to the ruling communist party. Hence it deserves greater research focus.