Greek-Swedish Excavations at the Agia
Aikaterini Square, Vol. IV, 2 volume set

The Late Minoan IIIB & IIIA:2 Settlements

Edited by Erik Hallager & Brigitta P. Hallager
December 2011
Stockholm University Press
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.

ISBN: 9789179160609
765 pages
, Illustrated
$257.50 Hardcover

This volume is the fourth in a series of seven presenting the results of the Greek-Swedish Excavations during the years 1970-1987 and 2001 in the Agia Aikaterini Square, Kastelli Khania. The excavations which are situated close to the harbour of the modern town of Khania, western Crete were under the direction of Dr Yannis Tzedakis and Professor Carl-Gustaf Styrenius. During the years of excavation the LM IIIA:2 and LM IIIB:1 period was always considered a unit, called "Level 4". The following detailed studies of stratigraphy, pottery and architecture, however, made it clear that the two chronological phases at the GSE also represented two different stratigraphic units. All excavated units within the LM IIIB:1 and LM IIIA:2 settlements are dealt with in some detail, according to their stratigraphic positions, after which follows the analyses of the architecture, the pottery and the different kinds of small finds.

The volume ends with an appendix on statistics. The analyses show that in the LM IIIA:2 and especially the LM IIIB:1 period Khania was an important commercial centre in the Aegean with lively contacts all over the island and to the surrounding Aegean and wider Mediterranean world. This is partly shown by the distribution of the pottery from the Kydonian Workshop, and the production and distribution of transport stirrup jars several of which were inscribed with Linear B. The importance of the settlement as an administrative centre in the Aegean is clearly demonstrated by the finds of Linear B tablets.



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