History of Yoga
History of Science, Philosophy & Culture in Indian Civilization Vol.XVI Part 2
Edited By S.P. Singh & D.P. Chattopadhyaya
August 2010
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9788187586449
848 pages
$157.50 Hardcover

History of Yoga is an attempt to trace the contours of origin and development of the discipline of yoga in all its possible ramifications beginning from the Veda up till modern times. Long before Patanjali stood out as the greatest systematizer of the discipline, yoga had its origin in the aspirations, austerity and tapas of the Vedic seers undertaken to understand the mystery of creation of the universe and the individual both in their essence.

In contravention of the Aryan Invasion Theory dominating the process of investigation into the history of ancient India, the volume traces the locus of the yogic sadhana of the earliest Vedic seers in the high Himalayas getting percolated throughout the rest of the country gradually and leaving its remnants also in the Indus seals of the third millennium B.C.


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