History of Western Liberalism

Skrifter utgivna av Statsvenskapliga foreningen i Uppsala No. 196

By: Svante Nycander
August 2016
Uppsala University
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789155495695
411 Pages
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1. Concepts of Freedom before the French Revolution
2. The Idea of the Limited State
3. The French Revolution: Its Friends and Enemies
4. Benjamin Constant and Modern Liberty
5. Lockean Liberalism or Classical Republicanism
6. Francis Place and English Radicalism
7. Republicanism and Liberalism in Kant
8. The American Model
9. Tocqueville: A Reluctant Democrat
10. John Stuart Mill, Rationalist and Romantic
11. German Liberalism—on Terms Set by its Adversaries
12. Laissez-Faire on Left and Right
13. Between Legitimists and Jacobins
14. The Philosophical Basis of Social Liberalism
15. Liberalism, Nationalism, and Imperialism
16. Lippmann and Dewey on the Crisis of Democracy
17. Liberal Economists on Capitalism
18. Political Liberalism according to John Rawls
19. Liberals and the Nordic Model
20. Human Rights
21. Anti-Liberal Critiques
22. A Summary