Holocaust Historiography in Context
Emergence,Challenges, Polemics & Achievments

Edited by David Bankier & Dan Michman
August 2009
Yad Vashem Jerusalem
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.

ISBN: 9789653083264
614 pages
, Illustrated
$67.50 Hardcover

The modes in which historical research is being shaped have become themselves a topic or research. Holocaust historiography-thedocumentation, depiction and analysis of one of the most horrific events in human history - is today a wide academic field in which Jewish and non-Jewish scholars throughtout the world are active. But how did this historiography, especially its Jewish aspect, emerge and by what factors was it shaped?

In this book a wide range of scholars examine the very beginnings of the effort to apply scholarly standards to the understanding of the Holocaust - when World Was II was still raging, and immediately after it ended. It looks at the personalities who made the first steps, the centers that were created, the projects that were initiated, the ideas that were put forward, the contexts that impacted on the materialization, the conditions in which the work was carried out, and the challenges that were encountered - in Euope, North America and Israel. Additionally, the volume explores some long-term processes of crystallization of research schools of thought and approaches.

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