Human Dimensions of Global Change in Bulgaria
First International Conference, 22-24 April, 2004, Sofia, Bulgaria

Edited by Petrer Slaveikov, et al.
September 2006
St. Klimet Ohridski University Press
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9540721105
189 pages, Illustrated, Charts, Maps, 8 x 11¼"
$99.50 Paper Original

This conference book contains proceedings of the First International Conference: Human Dimensions of Global Change in Bulgaria, which was dedicated to "World Planet Day." The aim of World Planet Day, first instituted in 1990, is to focus on sustainability and assessing the ability of humanity to live into the future on this planet. The complex relation between economic development and the depletion of the Earth's natural resources is noteable, and World Planet Day is an attempt to enable humanity to overcome its main challenges—an economic analysis that is at odds with ecological sustainaibility—in this 21st  century.
Selected Contents:
Territorial Justice and Regional Policy
About the Product of Ecotourism
Ethno-Confessional Communities on the Balkans and Development of Integration Processes in Europe
An Attempt for Assessment of the Political-Geographical Aspects of National Security of Bulgaria
The Border Biogeographic Areas of Bulgaria
Geochemical Peculiarities of Migration and Concentration of Some
Heavy Metals in the Iskar River Basin in Stara Planina Mountain


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