Indian Manufacturing
Sector in Liberalised Era

By A. Vijayakumar
November 2008
MD Publications PVT
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9788175331471
284 pages
$47.50 Hardcover

Organisations exist to attain certain goals and objectives through unified team efforts of management and executives.Performance of a business or a company is an amalgam of various activities performed by it in different areas of operations.While appraising or assessing the performance of the company,a fair evaluation should be made regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of the concern in these areas of operations.

The important areas of performance appraisal include: production,cost trends and sales,profitability,funds management,financial strength,working capital, value added, fixed assets, social performance, liquidity and productivity. Indian manufacturing sector in liberalised era presents thought-provoking research papers in the field of corporate performance evaluation.

The subject matter of the book is structured around six important areas of performance appraisal, which can be advantageously used by research scholars, teachers, financial managers, creditors and businessman. The book provides multidirectional and multidimensional investigation of various aspects of corporate performance evaluation with reference to Indian manufacturing sector in lineralised era.

Apart from its extensive coverage and lucid presentation, the strength of the book lies in its Indian background. This book will be of immense use particularly to university and college teachers, chartered accountants, company secretaries, M.Com., B.Com., and MBA students and other professional courses. In addition, it would be useful reference book for researchers and financial managers.

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