In Place of Austerity: Reconstructing the Economy,
State & Public Services

By Dexter Whitfield
January 2012
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.

ISBN: 9780851247939
259 pages

$47.50 Paper original

In Place of Austerity uncovers the realities of commissioning, localism, 'big society' empowerment fraud, and the systematic undermining of public services and the welfare state. It perceptively exposes the scale of diempowerment, dispossession and disinvestment, and analyses the dominant rationale, which continues to underpin the financialisation and personalisation of public services, accelerating marketisation and privatisation on an unprecedented scale.

This is a vitally important book for trade unions as well as for civil and community organisations. It provides a critical understanding of the issues and will aid their intervention in transformation and procurement of public services by forging strong alliances, taking industrial and community action, and advancing alternative policies.


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