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Integrated Marketing Communication
Trends & Innovations

By Shridha Jain
December 2008
Global India Publications
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9788190721103
296 pages, Illustrated
$49.50 Hardcover

This book is providing a different type of vehicle for communicating with consumers that do not necessarily follow all of the rules of other types of marketing communication, as sports marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of marketing communication. The purpose of this book is to provide advance understanding in this area.

It presents chapters that deal with topics in marketing in a scholarly and comprehensive way, covering major topics of discussion in marketing and the communication. Many of the topics that seems to centre around communication show up as well, such as sneakers, ethics, risky behavior, and even investments. Utilizing a communication approach to understanding marketing, the book covers all major topics of marketing, including communications and distribution channels for making marketing faster and smoother.



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